Social Media Marketing Services

iLinkedMarketing is a cost effective and highly targeted marketing channel. What is unique about iLinkedMarketing is that you can advertise to your audiences based on their interests, likes, age, locations and more. Compared to traditional advertising like radio, television, billboards and magazines which is seen by all types of demographics that may not be the clientele you are looking for. iLinkedMarketing allows your company to laser target an audience and build a loyal following of customers that share and engage with your content.

What iLinkedMarketing Can Do For You

Our social media marketing campaigns involves a combination of techniques to identify the target audience that will lead to interest in your content, website and services/product. We focus on developing a loyal following that engages and shares your content be utilizing the methods below:

  • Identify Trends & Hashtags Frequently Used For Industry
  • Identify Target Audience
  • Competitor Research
  • Build Social Media Following
  • Twitter – Follow users that follow main competitor brands & hashtags
  • Instagram – Follow users that follow main competitor brands & hashtags, like 40 photos per hour
  • Facebook – Create A Facebook Ad campaign to generate Likes and followers based on related interests
  • Post Informative and Engaging Photos With a Caption on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Create and manage a monthly Contest (Q & A with a chosen winner)
  • Create and manage a Giveaway up to once a month (Followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have to repost your accounts to enter)

What We Have Done For Our Clients

For a Beard Care Product company, we grew a large & engaging social media marketing campaign that targeted males from the ages of 18-60 and expressed interest in beards or mustaches to 20,000+ followers. Each image posted on instagram receives an average of 340 likes and an average of 12 comments. Our client attributes an average of 85-90% of world wide sales to the social media marketing campaign.

For a new gum company we are currently growing an active audience for our clients social media accounts that “dares” users to try the intense tasting gum. We actively provide giveaways and contests for our followers to give users an incentive to share and follow our social media accounts. The campaign has provided several thousand followers to their social media accounts.

For a swimwear company the social media marketing campaign developed an instagram following of 500+ people and a Facebook following of 700+ in the first month! We were able to track and analyze and increase in website traffic by 320% compared to the prior month.

We help businesses utilize social media networks to:

  • Drive massive amounts of traffic to their websites
  • Inform customers about promotions/events
  • Build an online reputation with a community of supporters
  • Provide customer service
  • Build band awareness
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Social Media Platforms

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By Integrating Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, and any other social media accounts to your website not only are you allowing customers to learn more about your company but you are also creating backlinks for SEO purposes.

Get Social Today!

iLinkedMarketing can create, design, post, engage and manage your social media accounts so that you can effectively run your business.