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Here’s the new reality: We no longer live in a world in which customers flip open the Yellow Pages Directory for a plumber. Searches/leads/sales (all in that order) take place online in a matter of seconds.

Every day, for every type of business, there are hundreds, if not thousands of searches for your company’s services/products. If you are not ranking for these searches, you can be sure your competition is.

They are literally taking money from you by dominating Google searches.

Have no fear. We have a solution

How we can help:

We connect you with customers seeking what you offer. Search engine marketing conversion rates are MUCH higher than traditional marketing methods for one simple fact: you are not interrupting someone’s day, hoping they need your services.

Instead, you will obtain your customer’s business because they are already seeking YOU out as a solution to THEIR problem.

Even while you’re sleeping, your website will generate leads for you, earning you money.

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What we do:

  • We improve your Google search ranking using laser targeted keywords.
  • We increase your website traffic, leading to more sales.
  • We boost your brand awareness, enhancing your online reputation.
  • We update your website’s code for maximum search rankings.
  • We provide you analytics so you can see for yourself where your customers come from, how they found your site, and the average time they spend there.

Our Approach:

iLinkedMarketing optimizes the On-page Meta data on your site so search engines can easily find you. We evaluate your site’s architecture for relevance; if something is obsolete, or your code is making your pages load slower, we make suggestions. We construct a sitemap and properly interlink your site to enable users to locate you quicker. Harnessing off-page factors are crucial too; based on our keyword/competition research, we formulate a powerful linkbuilding campaign using local and authority links.

Here is a client’s keyword ranking report (click to enlarge) demonstrating the amazing results your site can achieve using our services. This campaign was over a 10 month time period which saw an increase in total rankings by 713 positions. The search words for lawyers and attorneys are usually very competitive because a law firm can benefit immensely from a case. These reports show the current positions on Google and Bing.

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Local SEO & Internet Marketing

Nowadays, mobile smart phone users constitute a significant amount of web traffic. They purchase products, search reviews, compare prices in store, and find businesses on the go. Small businesses and even recently created websites can generate high quality, targeted traffic by utilizing a localized internet marketing strategy.

Having your site rank on the first page for mobile searches can be hugely beneficial, leading to more sales from customers interested in your product or service.